The wonder of social media isn’t its novelty. It’s the capacity to reflect genuine human behaviour. Social relationship marketing (SRM) is driving the explosion in social commerce, where relationships are more informed, community driven and enduring.

eCRM has covered considerable ground in optimising buying conditions to increase customer value. Its limitations lie within its lack of bandwidth. Customer engagement can be easily eroded through offer bombardment, no matter how smart targeting can be tuned to daypart, season, lifestage and online behaviour.

SRM widens that bandwidth between brands, customers and communities. It fosters a climate of credibility, believability and above all, humanity.

We believe all channels are social. We challenge clients to avoid the funnelling model, where social connections are processed into CRM space and then hounded with offers. By adopting an all-social approach, margins are sustained as brands steer away from deep discounting.

We work with clients from the ground-up. We evaluate the existing CRM environment to define the opportunity gap. We then build a social-commerce plan, built on content strategy, social media planning and event scheduling. We also help brands build peer-2-peer communities, to foster customer contributions to reviews, content and extended social communities.

Ultimately, we provide clients the dashboard to manage SRM investment. With simple attribution metrics, we can profile the most profitable techniques for each community.